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This week, we talk about Indian gamer Amitesh aka AmiGaming and how he has become one of the OPs among Indian gamers.

Gamers have become a major part of our daily entertainment with creators sharing their love with the world. Who would have thought that something like playing games can become part of someone's career? But it has become a reason for a lot of creators out there and AmiGaming is one of them.

A full-time gamer, Amitesh was surprised by life when his dream to do what he loves ended up becoming a major part of his life. He is also a budding filmmaker who has worked for multiple TV advertisements as an assistant to the director. As someone who makes every effort to fulfill his dreams, Ami has been making the most of the love that he is receiving online. Having a career as a gamer was never part of his life plan, but he has come to be recognised by it. He has embraced the same completely and hopes to continue in this path. One major reason being the creative freedom that he enjoys in his profession.

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He started his online gaming journey on Facebook in 2019 while watching E3, a well-known gaming event with publishers and manufacturers presenting upcoming products for the industry. "While watching the event, I was motivated to make gaming content and I have been a full-fledged gamer since 2004. It was then I decided to stream on Facebook and created my page AmiGaming that year."

His initial introduction to gaming was way back in 2002 when he played Midtown Madness for the first time at the age of 5 with a friend on his PC. After that it became a part of his life in 2004-2005 as one of his friends got his first PC. Before that, he found himself visiting cyber café where they had Midtown Madness on only 1 PC to indulge in some fun. "Dangerous Dave, Tekken 3, Midtown Madness, Mario and Delta Force were some of the biggest games at that time because our world of gaming was very small due to fewer resources and knowledge."  

One of the reasons for his popularity also depends on the fact that people have recognised the entertaining value of watching someone playing games online. And over the last few years the number of gaming influencers in India has also seen a rise. When asked what his thoughts on this increasing number was, AmiGaming said, "The industry is quite extensive however, mainstream gaming has a couple of games which have essentially taken over the industry. There are several aspects to explore in the field yet people are only engaged in a few games now."

Live streaming is a major source of entertainment for people who are into gaming. Watching talented gamers cross different levels and help them give a dose of a newly released game has been grabbing a lot of attention from the online audience. While we have gamers who are well known for the YouTube content, Ami is known among the Facebook gamers. Facebook as a platform has helped him in his growth as a gamer in several aspects. "Prior to streaming, I was not very expressive but over time I feel I can express my views without any hesitance. I think Facebook is one of the largest platforms and has helped me connect with a global audience. I have been able to build a community with an audience across continents and I see them having fun watching my streams." He also realizes the guidance that he receives from the Facebook team who works with him to understand what works and what doesn't. He keeps himself updated with the latest trends in order to make relevant content for his viewers.

And apart from creating content for his followers he does not miss out on the chance to follow his fellow gamers. "I mostly follow UV Star and PYM as both of them are my friends. Besides following their content, I also follow Banarasi Gamer who is my teacher and he was the one who taught me 3D modeling of game characters and the environment design of a game."

Since you started creating videos, what according to you are the best and worst parts of content creation?

The greatest benefit of content creation is the ability to create things that people cannot even imagine.

Who are the people that you look up to find inspiration?

If I specifically talk about gaming then I look up to Stone Mountain and Adiofreak, both of them are Facebook streamers. I also get inspired by The God Shroud.

A quote that always motivates you.

When you have nothing to lose, all you can do is win.

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

I receive several messages from my followers on a daily basis but a message that deeply touched me was when a man whose son was bedridden and had only a 5% chance of getting back onto his feet. He messaged me saying that I made his son laugh with my streams. 

If you had to describe, what are your hopes for 2022?

I never hope for anything, I just set goals and fulfill them.


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