Lighten up your day with these hilarious Among Us memes that every fan of the game will get.

As we all said our sad goodbyes to PUBG, there is a new craze that made it to our list. Among Us is an online multiplayer game that has been creating conversations online. Set in a space-themed setup each player takes up one or two roles with a predetermined number of imposters. The crewmates’ role is to identify the imposter thereby eliminating them to complete the task.

Although the game was released in 2018, it only gained popularity in 2020 after popular and known YouTubers started doing live streams on their channel. Much like how this year is treating us, the game is all about imposters, backstabbing, and a bunch of unexpected situations. This has encouraged and made way for hilarious Among Us memes.

Take a look at these funny Among Us memes:

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