An elderly couple recreate the song Rhim Jhim Gire Sawaan and left the whole internet in a mush!

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Rhim Jhim Gire Sawaan

The Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar song Rhim Jhim Gire Sawaan is etched in the hearts of every hopeless romantic and was recreated by an elderly couple

We can all agree that the only thing that has the ability to beat puppy or baby videos is seeing old couples confessing and being totally in love with each other. Watching an elderly couple be in love gives humans hope about their own love life. Something to look forward to, something that they wish to be like when the grey takes over. As Mumbai is basking in the joy of the most romantic seasons, the internet exploded when an elderly couple decided to be the cutest. The couple recreated the old classic Rhim Jhim Gire Sawaan and had everyone all mushy.

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It is giving iconic, it is giving ‘the moment’ and calling us out single in 10 different languages. We are all suckers for a good old-fashion romance. If there is something we get to witness in today’s times, we know we’ll do anything to relive it repeatedly. That is exactly when an elderly couple decided to walk down the streets of Mumbai and recreate the 1977 song Rhim Jhim Gire Sawaan from the movie Manzil. Who the couple is you ask? It’s Shailesh Inamdaar and his wife Vandana. The couple decided to have their movie dream and relive the magic of their 25th years of love together. It was so Bollywood of the couple to make the most of Mumbai rains and live every single Indian’s dream. They gave us major Amitabh Bachchan and Moushami Chatterjee flashbacks with their video as they walked through the same streets and spots as shown in the song. 

Their friends Anup Ringangaavkar and his wife Ankita helped them bring the video to life, that beautifully manages to be a perfect recreation of the 1977 classic. We all wish for friends like them when we are older while also hoping to be wiser and completely in love with our other half.

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