Angelina Jolie is frequently praised for her work as an actor, director, and a philanthropist. She is one of the most talented actresses that Hollywood has been blessed with, and is often named as one of the highest paid heroines. She is also the mother of six children and spends a lot of her time in raising them.

Angelina Jolie made her debut in 1982 as a child star in ‘Lookin’ To Get Out’. She has had a very rocky life until her early 20s; battling with depression, and drug addiction being some of the challenges. That is one of the reasons why she is so active in the humanitarian works.

Jolie has done commendable work in her career, and played different and versatile roles in all her movies. On her 44th birthday, we look back at some of them, and if you haven’t watched them already –they’re a must!

1. Hackers (1995): It is one of the earliest movies of her career. It is about a bunch of high schoolers who create big time chaos through their technological skills when internet was just starting out.

2. Gia (1998): It is one of the most memorable characters played by Angelina Jolie. It is a biopic of America’s first supermodel, Gia Marie Carangi, who fell into a spiral of drugs and abuse; she eventually died of AIDS at 26. Jolie won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for this part.

3. Girl, Interrupted (2000): Another masterpiece, Angelina played the role of a sociopath, Lisa, stuck in a mental institution. She won both, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the Best Supporting Actress for this movie.

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4. Lara Croft –Tomb Raider (2001): This was her first venture in the action genre and she was praised for doing most of her stunts by herself. The movie also has a sequel –Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life –that released in 2003.

5. Life or Something Like It (2002): This was one of the very few movies that Jolie did in the rom-com genre. It is worth watching just to see her softer and funnier side amidst all the bold action that she’s done.

6. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005): There is hardly anyone out there who hasn’t watched this gripping Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie starrer movie. It is about a seemingly boring married couple who turn out to be assassins that have to take each other out. It is one of the highest grossing movies of her career.

7. A Mighty Heart (2007): One of the most beautifully roles played by her, Jolie plays the character of Mariane Pearl, wife of a Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. He gets captured in Karachi and the story progresses to tell how a pregnant Mariane knocks every door to find him. It is based on true life story and has a tragic ending.

8. Changeling (2008): She was a nominee for the Golden Globe for the Best Actress for her role as Christine Collins, mother of a missing boy named Walters. It is based on the true story of the Wineville Chicken Coop kidnapping and murder case of 1928.

9. Salt (2010): This is a more intense action film than Lara Croft, where Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who’s being framed as a rogue Russian spy. She performed all her own stunts and looked stunning doing it.

10. Maleficient (2014): In this Disney movie retelling the story of the classic Sleeping Beauty, she played the role of the witch Maleficient. The movie shows the villainess in a different and more sympathetic light. It is the biggest box office hit of Jolie’s career until now.

All the characters in this list are poles apart from each other, proving that if beautiful and talented had a face –it would be Angelina Jolie. We hope to see her doing many more amazing roles and entertain us like she always does.