If psychological thrillers and mind-bending anime plots are your thing, then these anime deserve a spot on your watchlist!

Anime has surely made a remarkable evolution with time. There are some that make you nostalgic as you watched them as kids and some take you on unforgettable adventures. There is no limit to the creativity, plots, and genres that we have in anime today. There’s literally something out there for everyone. And since there are a lot of options to choose from, viewers are not limited to specific plots and genres.

As kids, we love to watch the protagonist win the battle with the power of friendship and save the day in the end but we want to look at something more complex and twisted as we grow up. This applies especially to those who like thrillers. Even though the choices are endless, there are few anime titles that you need to check out if you are getting into this genre.

Check these out!


The Future Diary 

Steins Gate


Paranoia Agent

Death Note

Code Geass 

Terror In Resonance


How many have you already watched?

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