YouTuber Anisha Dixit completed 8 years of content creation and decided to celebrate the moment with her fans online.

Content creation has been chosen as a career across the globe only in recent years. While there are a number of short-video platforms that have encouraged and introduced young talent, YouTube was the initial platform that gave us some of the most incredible creators that we admire and follow even today. Among the few Indians who paved a way for many creators is Anisha Dixit. Anisha started her own YouTube channel in 2013 under her username Rickshawali which went on to become her own brand. However, in 2020, Anisha decided to drop her name Rickshawali to ‘Simply Anisha Dixit.’ The creator who now has around 2.97 million subscribers has been a part of a community that makes engaging content revolving around women and their daily struggles.

From travel vlogging, Vox-pop with foreigners to working on movie reviews, Anisha has done anything and everything on her channel while talking about relevant subjects. She eventually settled on creating comic sketches that she continues to do even today. Anisha never shies away from openly talking about things related to women that were considered taboo. She sang about periods, talked about the struggles of buying undergarments for women in India and society’s age-old habit of blaming women for sexual assault, rape, and molestation. She decided to openly talk about the time she underwent surgery recently because she wanted her followers to see her vulnerable side too. Even though she was skeptical at first, Anisha decided to share it on her channel since it talks about female struggles and she wanted her followers to know some of her hardships too. She encourages her followers to be open about it and drives the point home of never shying away from or feeling less about ourselves.

To celebrate her win, Anisha shared a series of photos talking about her journey highlighting the best moments so far. From her first meet and greet to some of her early content series, she talks about all of them and we’re loving this throwback!

Check it out!

Congratulations Anisha! Hope you continue to entertain us with your amazing content.

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