'Two Indias' by Vir Das receives both praise and backlash

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Two Indias

Vir Das shared a tweet clarifying his act after his recent YouTube video 'Two Indias' stirred controversy.

Comedians in India are not just known for their jokes but also for the controversy their jokes lead to. Over the years we have seen comedians point out issues in their sets that have led to many enjoying it while some find it offensive enough to lodge a complaint against it. Indian comedian Vir Das is someone who has found himself scrutinized for his jokes. He recently uploaded a monologue called 'Two Indias' that he recited at the end of his show at the John F Kennedy Centre in Washington DC. The video has now become a talking point on the internet with people appreciating and also calling out the comedian for some of the statements.

But the video soon stirred controversy after a complaint was lodged against Vir Das on Tuesday. The complaint was made with the Mumbai Police by High Court lawyer, Ashutosh Dubey for 'derogatory statements against India' over his 'I Come From Two Indias' monologue. This led to the comedian posting a tweet clarifying his act. He said, "The video appeals for us to never forget that we're great. To never stop focusing on what makes us great."

Vir Das is among the few comedians who have performed on stage across the world over the years. He has been representing India on a global stage. Apart from finding giggles in the crowd, he's always been vocal about issues happening in and around India. His recent video is another example of him sharing his opinions on India. In the monologue, he talks about coming from the duality of India. He goes on to talk about the best parts of India while also highlighting the most recent issues. From COVID, farmer's protest to rapes, he brushes through some of the major issues in a satirical manner.

Here's his tweet:

Watch the complete video here:

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