Make way for Anna SASSY Kendrick people! She’s on a roll!

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Anna Kendrick tweets

It’s Anna Kendrick’s birthday –the queen of sarcasm! Fans love her not just for her amazing acting skills but also for her wit, sassiness, and humor. The 34 year old actress is known for her work in various movies such as The Pitch Perfect series, The Twilight Series, and What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and A Simple Favor to name a few.

Kendrick has always been one of the celebrities that don’t exude pride and are humble. Her girl next door personality further helps people to relate with her characters and connect with her as a person.

If you thought that was awesome, wait till you see Kendrick’s twitter handle! She’s effortlessly funny which makes me love her even more! Have a look at some of the best Anna Kendrick tweets:

1. By that comparison, I'm Kingfisher.

2. Stationery is love!

3. Seriously, you had one job.

4. I feel you, Anna. I truly do.

5. Touch my friend and I’ll kill you!

6. Tbh, I check my bank balance first and realize I don’t even have the money to look at stuff.

7. Or the willingness.

8. Read: Inventor of Suicide Room.

9. At least you have a job, Anna. *cries in a corner*

10. These days I’m not even sure I wouldn’t.

11. Anna posting tweets from the future!

12. Turns out lots of people did. *facepalm*

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13. To top it off, I’m too lazy to shave most of the time!

14. Sadistic pleasure, YASS!

15. Maybe. Or maybe you’re too stressed to take notice of them, just saying.

16. Wait. That’s a real thing?

17. Also, when someone vents and I’m thinking, “Do I look like I care?”

18. This is like asking why do Indian soap actresses sleep dressed like brides –no one knows!

19. Every student ever.

20. So you’re saying I can’t do it right away? Damn!

21. Because more hours mean you get to spend more time with anxiety. Woohoo!

22. Additionally, ‘yes’, ‘hmm’, and ‘right’ work too.

23. This is exactly how my friends react when I’m in public.

Hands down, Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal! I love how she makes everyone feel she’s not a famous celebrity but just a normal woman walking the streets. The world needs more people like you Anna. Happy Birthday!

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