Moms can be sweet, caring, thoughtful and absolutely savage at the same time. Just like Bollywood movies, we’ve all had our moms incessantly inquire about our lunch status, late nights and of course our love lives don’t fall under the privacy parameters for them either. So, it’s obvious that they’d use the immediate texting service to be as involved in our lives as they can be with their Mom Texts, no matter how sweet or savage!

In our generation of texts over calls, our mothers are finally catching on and how! Knowingly or unknowingly (blame it on auto-correct!), our mothers manage to send us hilarious (read: savage) replies that leave us dumbfounded! Sometimes I think our moms are the ones who have mastered the art of sarcasm in its true sense. We’ve got some rib-tickling Mom Texts here, that will make your day in no time!

Check out these savage Mom Texts here:

I don’t think Jesus would care enough honestly.

Always looking after the budgets.

So that I lose the two friends I have? No thanks, mom.

The thin warning laced behind the LOL is not very well veiled.

Could be though.

Psychology got nothing on mom. Church does however.

Pub run and mom with Bigfoot. I think I would need a drink after this.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom sent me this thinking I’ve taken up the job of selling popcorn.

Knowing you’re not the favorite one and having to face it on text are two very different things!


I honestly lost it at ‘don’t say sex on Facebook’!

Thanks for the clarification…I guess?

I will never forget the time I informed my mom that I’d be coming home late one night and she replied saying, ‘So? What am I supposed to do with that?’ It made me finally realize that I’m probably not as important as I thought I was. *laughing it off on the outside*

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