Anupam Kher is the coolest adult whom you always fall in love with and want in your life too!

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Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher has been in this industry for far too long where he has given us shades of characters, but he forever will be that lovable adult that we wish we had in our lives too!

It's great to be 60 and still working on full speed. But it's inspiring when someone is 60+ and yet is a household name when they were in their 40s. And that is precisely what Anupam Kher is! He might have started with a role of an extremely old father dealing with his son's death but since then he has become the coolest dad, principal, friend, and now even grandfather. Over the course of working in industry for more than 30 years he has worked in 500+films by now giving us various shades of characters that resonate from our lives as well as makes us laugh, cry, and most importantly entertain.

His filmography and contribution is too vast to be covered here. But it can be fairly said that his choices has always surprised and taught us at the same time. No whether it was to do a role of a a 65-year-old retired father at the age of 29 or play a role of a retired grandfather who used be a boxing coach riding bikes all across the US. He is one of those few actors who doesn't need to be protagonist to make their presence felt, he could be as simple as a principal of a college like in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or the super cool dad in Dilwale Dulahania Le Jaayenge. With Rajshree, and YRF, and so many other Bollywood films he has given us some memorable characters that became very much the part of us 90s kids. And we always wished to have one adult in our life like that!

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And he experimented with his roles as well he could be the coolest father who supports their child endlessly or he could very easily be the villainous father who is the hurdle in their own kids story. He is one of those faces that no matter what film is whether action, comedy, romance, or what character good or bad, he just has to be there otherwise it looks incomplete. But being an actor is not all that he does. He is a great show host and interviews all sort of personalities from film stars to sports personality to politicians. Mind you it's incredibly tough to take interviews as it is to give! Cause as a host it's your job to bring the personalities in a neutral environment and Anupam ji does it with quite the ease and charm.

Apart from being an actor, a chat show host, he is also a motivator, and mentor to anyone and everyone. Sure he runs an academy His meaningful words whether in the form of poetry or just words of wisdom or capturing those real stories around him makes him seem mmore human and all the more loavalble as a person. His transparency with his audience, and being vocal with his opinions makes you see who he is as a person beyond his persoano of a public figure. And maybe that is why the country loves and repsects him so much.

Thank you Anupam Kher ji for all that you do, and more power to you to keep on doing all of this as it is super inspiring. A very Happy Birthday to you!

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