7 roles played by Shraddha Kapoor that prove her zeal for playing diverse characters

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7 roles played by Shraddha Kapoor that prove her zeal for playing diverse characters

On her birthday, we're celebrating her diverse characters played by Shraddha Kapoor that prove her mettle.

Shraddha Kapoor- hear her name and you think of a sweet-looking, and established actress who makes a distinguishing mark in every movie she acts in. She carries the charm of a newcomer; it feels like she just came to Bollywood. However, she has been on the screen for more than 12 years. In these 12 years she has explored opportunities broadly and has played a range of characters. When one looks at Kapoor's filmography, they see her having played varied roles ranging from that of a dancer to a criminal.

On her birthday, here's a look at and celebration of the diverse characters that prove her mettle and entertain us always.

Aarohi Shirke - Aashiqui 2

Her breakthrough role, Aarohi is what got her national fame. Aarohi is a singer who gets famous after being discovered by singer Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapur). She fondly nurses her partner Rahul, supporting him as he suffers from depression. However, she is not your stereotypical female counterpart trying to save the hero. She has a distinguished personality. Even after losing Rahul, she continues to follow her passion. Kapoor's gentle yet firm portrayal of Aarohi played a massive role in making Aashiqui 2 successful.

Arshia Lone - Haider

In Haider, a movie that received critical acclaim, Kapoor played Arshia, a journalist who helps her partner Haider in finding out where his father is. While journalists are usually defamed, here's a journalist who advocates against revenge and violence. Once again, Kapoor's portrayal of Arshia was full of simplicity yet grit.

Vinita "Vinnie" Sharma - ABCD 2

Vinnie is a deviation from Kapoor's simplistic role; Vinnie is bold and ambitious. A film like ABCD 2 required the lead actors to be flawless at dancing, and Kapoor was just that.

Jiah Sharma - Rock On 2

After playing a dancer, Kapoor played a singer here. Granddaughter of the late Lata Mangeshkar herself, Kapoor sings effortlessly in a soothing voice. However, this time she learned how to sing rock songs. She claimed that this reclusive character was very different from her own personality. However, she worked hard and played Jiah's character well earning much praise.

Haseena Parkar - Haseena Parkar

Hassena Parkar marks Kapoor's first titular role where she plays the gangster and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim's sister. The film delves into how Parkar goes from a kind-hearted woman madly in love with her husband to a hardened criminal owing to her brother's profession and atrocities by the police. While the film did not gain much praise, Kapoor's sincere portrayal of Parkar earned praise.

Stree - Stree

Perhaps one of her best roles, in Stree, Kapoor played the role of a witch. Her charming portrayal of Stree had you falling in love with her and at the same time, she had an air of mystery around her.

Lalita "Nauti" Nautiyal - Batti Gul Meter Chalu

In Batti Gul, Kapoor quirkily plays a small-town over-the-top fashion designer Nauti. However, when the script turns serious, she portrays weighty emotions powerfully becoming a substantial part of the otherwise non impactful film.

Happy birthday to this rockstar! Hope you keep picking characters that we fall in love with!

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