Aditya Roy Kapur: The modern day Devdas who deserved much more than just being drunk in love!

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Aditya Roy Kapur

From painful heartbreaks to being the hero’s best friend, a talent like Aditya Roy Kapur often got stereotyped as the one who drank his sorrows away when in fact, he has the potential to contribute so much more as an actor!

We’ve all seen our favorite characters getting heartbroken on-screen numerous times. The pain, the loneliness is what makes the audience feel sorry for them. But then came Aditya Roy Kapur who made all of us weak in the knees after Aashiqui 2. He played a drunk in love, quite literally and figuratively and yet we all swooned over him. He gave a new meaning to this ‘heartbreak’ genre and became the flag bearer of a 'modern day Devdas’. Then came Avi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani who equally was in love with alcohol but was always the ideal best friend to Bunny. But while he gave some really impactful scenes in YJHD, his performance was unfortunately overshadowed by the protagonists of the film. Kalank is another example of how he was shown to be lonely, while the love of his life passed away. Nevertheless, his fan following just kept increasing. Maybe it’s the need to be saved by someone he loves, maybe it’s his eyes or that smile that could melt everyone’s heart or the way he’s always so gentle with his heroine. What we know for sure is that his potential could’ve been used for much better roles.

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The first time we all noticed him was in Action Replayy, where he played Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai’s son. While the movie is quite similar to the iconic Back to the Future, Aditya Roy Kapur easily won hearts as the Indian version of Michael J. Fox’s character. He came as a fresh new face with a lively personality and an unmissable afro hairstyle, we all were drawn towards. Dawaat-e-Ishq was probably his only movie where he played the lead, got the girl and the only thing he was high on was food and we loved seeing him happy.

But with films like Malang and Ludo which were quirky and loved by everyone at the same time, we’re hoping to see a new era of the actor where his talents shine to the fullest. Apart from his acting, one of the major reasons why he has all of us smiling every time we look at him are his undeniably gorgeous looks. His physique and his tall stature has had us all wanting to see him more on-screen. He often also feels like a boy next door who we could have heart to heart conversations with for hours!

So with that we’d like to wish one of the underrated gems of Bollywood, a very Happy Birthday! We hope to see you conquer better roles and one day be able to prove to everyone that you’re way more than just a guy with a broken heart!

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