These Apple Vision Pro memes should sum up people's excitement for the new Apple product

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Apple Vision Pro memes

Being shaped like a kidney to living a Black Mirror episode coming to life, the Apple Vision Pro memes make up for the high-priced Apple product.

It was a day of excitement and getting close to the future in the world of technology. The tech world had its eye on the Apple event, WWDC 2023 and the products to look forward to from the tech brand. And as usual, the brand did not disappoint and introduced one of its most revolutionary products; the world is too stunned to speak. The new Apple Vision Pro looks like something out of the future and people can't stop talking about it. While it's mind boggling, what we can't stop talking about are the Apple Vision Pro memes circling the internet.

The product that blurs the line between reality and tech is an AR headset that lets one immerse themselves in the digital world through simple eye and finger controls. One can communicate with various immersive AR elements with real-world cues and be able to work 'through the screen'. Apple promises a long list of features that one can enjoy in the new Vision Pro which will be available for people to buy. While these features have impressed people and have also managed to catch their eyes, one can't help but notice that it's similar to Meta Quest VR. Not to forget the one thing that differentiates it is obviously the price. Starting at a whooping price of $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro has left the internet with a bunch of feelings. And as true internet babies, people did not miss the chance to express themselves through their hilarious memes. Twitter became a hub for Apple Vision Pro memes and it is a laughter riot one can't miss.

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