Aqeel Hyder celebrates his birthday today and here are some entertaining videos of the Creator that will leave you crushing on him.

Aqeel Hyder is one Creator who has caught everyone’s attention with his content on Instagram! He is one of those influencers who can do it all whether it being funny, cute, fashionable, relatable and talk of sense. He is a bundle of talent and we are always glad to watch him through his social media. His videos on his IG are so entertaining and engaging that they can become your go-to videos instantly.

Over the last year, his popularity has grown up and has reached new heights. Many of his videos were viral on social media. His content is different from others even if they are about trending topics. You have to check out his account for some great content that will either leave you in splits or will make you nod your head in agreement. He is one Creator who can bring a smile to your face and also will remind you how important it is to take care of yourself.

So here we are with some of the best Aqeel Hyder videos that will turn you into a fan:

source: Aqeel Hyder Instagram

We wish him a very Happy Birthday on his d-day and hope that he always keeps on entertaining us and spreading the wisdom through his IG.

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