ARMY celebrates the release of BTS’ new album Proof with 3 million Tweets in an hour

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BTS’ new album Proof

Ahead of BTS’ 9th anniversary, ARMY celebrates the release of BTS’ new album Proof with 3 million Tweets in an hour

K-pop has been increasingly making its way to people’s playlists in India, and as of December 2021, India was the 9th country in the world to be Tweeting the most about K-pop. In fact, in 2021 BTS (@BTS_twt) melted hearts with Butter, emerged as the most Tweeted about music artist in India, and bagged four out of the five most Tweeted about songs of the year in the country. Clearly, the reception towards the band’s music has been explosive and that was visible with the release of BTS’ new album Proof.

YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-pop Partnerships at Twitter, said, “Be it to celebrate new albums, or to cheer them on at important occasions, the #BTSARMY has always stayed close to the band on Twitter. Just weeks ahead of their comeback, BTS made a trip to Washington, D.C., paying President Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) a visit to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes, sending hashtags like #BTSatTheWhiteHouse to the top of Twitter trends worldwide. With our various features and activations, we will continue to connect BTS and the fans, helping them to celebrate moments no matter where they may be in the world.”

Twitter has also launched custom emojis for fans to join in the celebration regardless of where they were. People will be able to include a custom BTS grey-colored emoji in their Tweets by using hashtags #BTS and #방탄소년단, while #BTS_Proof would activate a special Proof emoji. Furthermore, #YetToCome and #TheMostBeautifulMoment would activate emojis too. Additionally, Twitter also changed its official music handle, @TwitterMusic, header to a BTS concept image and the bio to #BTS_Proof and the name to ‘Twitter Music is listening to BTS Proof’


BTS’ new anthology album Proof was embraced by fans on Twitter all over the world when it dropped on June 10. Twitter saw an impressive 22 million Tweets on the launch day, and the most Tweeted time was from 9:30 am to 10:30 am IST on June 10 when Proof was released, with 3 million Tweets per hour, globally. India stood at the 5th position in the world to Tweet the most about #BTS_Proof, preceded by South Korea, the US, Indonesia and the Philippines.

This year, the band and their fans are set to celebrate another milestone - on June 13, BTS (@BTS_twt) will be marking the 9th debut anniversary of their formation, and the party’s going to be loud on #KpopTwitter

If you’re a BTS fan and want to join the conversation, #KpopTwitter and Bangtan India (@BangtanINDIA) are the places to be! 

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