Odisha’s Sriya Lenka has been selected to be a part of the K-Pop group Blackswan and becomes a ray of hope for many K-Pop fans in India!

The Hallyu wave has garnered fans from all over the world, especially in the past two years. In a country like ours where dancing and singing have always been a part of our culture, it was given that we too would easily fall in love with the K-Pop world. And now one such talented youngster from Odisha has begun her journey to become India’s first K-pop artist. After an intensive training program that consisted of standard vocal, rap, and dance lessons to personal training, language, and musical instruments, Sriya Lenka has been selected to become a part of the K-Pop girl group ‘Blackswan’.

Sriya Lenka has had a knack for dancing since she was a child and has been working on her skills since she was a mere 12-year-old girl. She is formally trained in various dance styles which include Odissi classical form, freestyle, hip-hop, and contemporary. Being a fan of the highly popular K-Pop group ‘EXO’, she always looked up to them and tried to recreate and practice their moves. This is what became an inspiration for Sriya Lenka to build on her K-Pop dream.

During the 2020 lockdown is when she began giving online auditions for K-Pop groups while also learning Korean and their beautiful culture. In 2021, after a YouTube audition program, Sriya was finally shortlisted for training in Seoul to become a member of Blackswan. She was announced as the fifth member of the seven-member girl group on May 26 and became the first K-Pop artist to come from India. At just 18 years, Sriya Lenka has already won the hearts of many talented youngsters who also aspire to become K-Pop artists from India and the budding K-Pop star could also prove to be the perfect blend of both the country’s cultures which are quite similar in many ways.

We are more than excited to see Sriya Lenka’s debut with Blackswan and the magic she creates through her work!

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