The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is turning 38 today, and at such a young age, she is surely an inspiration to millions.

Meghan Markle, former actress, was married to Prince Harry in 2017. But even before that she had been a very vocal feminist and has always worked towards making this world a better and more equal place for women. She frequently tours in countries of underprivileged sections and tries to help them to the best of her capabilities. Her actions coupled with the articles by Meghan Markle are enough to leave us in awe of her.

Here are a few articles written by Meghan Markle that you must read to understand her and the issues she stands for:

“It’s All Enough” – Darling Magazine

“I’m More Than An ‘Other'” – ELLE 

“With Fame Comes Opportunity, But Also A Responsibility” – ELLE 

“How Periods Affect Potential” – Time

“HRH The Duchess of Sussex Introduces The September Issue In Her Own Words” – British Vogue

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We need more women like Meghan Markle to uplift the community and make the world more inclusive.