Hozier ignites a new kind of love in me and I want to experience it atleast once!

Smrithi Mohan
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Be it Kiss Like People Do or Francessca, Hozier’s music is the soulful symphony of love, breakup, and pure ecstasy that one wishes to experience at least once in a lifetime, including me!

One day you are just living and the next day you come across, Andrew John Hozier-Byrne aka Hozier's music that changes the trajectory of your very regular life. As a music-loving single adult surrounded by friends getting married and finding their soulmates in someone else who is not me, coming across Hozier changed everything. It's not like I haven't known what being in love might look like, but it was only after listening to him that I realized how deeply one can feel it. Honestly, at this point, I have allowed the Irish singer-songwriter to feed the 'pining lover' in me so I can express my love with his ethereal songs and quote them to someone, hopefully someday!

Imagine frolicking in a meadow field while your heart yearns for that lost love and their memories. It's the best possible way to show what I feel like while I listen to his song ‘First Time’ from his latest album Unreal Unearth, and write this article. The album inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the singer describes the song as ‘coming out the other side and having a new relationship with light’ as he imagines what the journey between two lovers meeting in purgatory might be like. And honestly, if that's not how I fall in love, then what's the point? If you say that you aren't thinking about the butterflies of first love, the melancholy of heartbreak, the impending war, or the devastating reality when listening to his songs, I'd say you are lying. Wanting to envisage being in love based on this level of admiration is all I need, and I don't think it is too much to ask, is it?

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Often known as the ‘Take Me To Church’ singer, Hozier’s songs have become my dictionary helping me embrace the different shades of love. For someone who can't express their emotions as I would like to, his songs have helped me find words, or rather poetry for the emotions I find it difficult to name. Listening to this part in Fransseca that goes, “For all that was said; Of where we'd end up at the end of it; When the heart would cease, ours nеver knew peacе,” gives the rush of the perfect love where one is devoted to someone conditionally.  At the same time you also know that it might always be perfect when he sings, “Babe, There's something tragic about you. Something so magic about you, Don't you agree?” in From Eden that is about wooing a woman despite admitting how the relationship can be flawed.  He helps you understand the possibility of how love and grief can exist at the same time.

As an artist who also has a history of sharing his thoughts on and being vocal about his political stands on things that affect society. That's when you realize that the love and pain in his songs are not always just about a person. It can be for this world, society, and the heartbreak you feel when people try to choose violence instead. You cannot ignore the political activism that is the core of a song like Eat Your Young that feels like a seductive melody. Especially at a time when war and distress have taken over the world. His music is also about the love that you might feel for the power that one holds in changing the world. His song Nina Cried Power stands as a tribute to Nina Simone who shook the 1960s Civil Rights Movement with speeches at the Selma and Montgomery marches and wrote songs about racial inequality in the United States. He can use his art to advocate peace and love which makes him a total catch!

If you think it is just his songs, let me take a moment to prove you wrong. The 6-foot-tall man has brown mane hair that hasn’t seen a brush since forever; he speaks in the most captivatingly Irish accent and looks like God himself as he towers over everyone when on stage. And fans who manage to capture him with the stage lights that look something straight from heaven, clearly reinstate this idea of him. Maybe that is also why his albums are considered modern-day gospel among us fans. 

No matter what your idea of love is, music is the only way to grab hold of this beautiful emotion. And there couldn't be a better artist than Hozier to listen to during this month of love.

Are you a Hozier fan too? Share one of your favorites from his album with us in the comments below. 

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