7 Reasons why I’m single- BTS edition!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
New Update

If you’re one of my friends or family members who’s reading this and if you’ve ever wondered why I don’t date anyone let alone get married, you have only one K-pop group to blame and that’s BTS!

When I started stanning BTS, I did it without any expectations. I never went with the thought of developing a new crush, but my heart melted and how! In front of me were seven men who were unabashedly being themselves, saying the nicest things to me, and simply just showing the world that chivalry isn’t dead anymore. It’s been so long being their fan that I’m way too deep into this and now finding someone even close to one of their personalities in real life feels next to impossible.

On most days I’m happy I have them in my life, it feels like I truly don’t need anyone but when I step back and look at this as a third person, I realize how single I am. I’m not even talking to a single guy so dating is out of the question. And how can I date someone when I am mentally married to Jungkook and I’m living in a huge mansion with our two kids already. Each time I open Instagram I see one of my friends getting engaged and here I am deeply, madly and crazily in love with 7 K-Pop Idols who have completely changed the trajectory of my life.

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To all the aunties, I won’t be settling for lesser than any of the points below!

They always put me before anyone else

For BTS, there’s no one who comes before Army! Every content, every new song and every time they come live is so that Armys get to see them as much as they can and feel their presence. Jungkook said in his last concert before leaving for the military, that even if everything disappears in his life it’s okay but Armys can’t. I mean how do you not melt at that?


They never forget to spend time with me

Weekly lives and checking in on each other is always a thing in our fandom so out of the 7, there will always be someone who’ll come and spend time with us and it's a treat for anyone who has quality time as their love language!


They’ve raised my standards way too high 

Be it doing household chores during their lives without making a big deal about it, or spoiling Armys with the best gifts like perfumes and Calvin Klein merch, BTS has raised my standards too high. Even though we’ve never met in real life, they make me feel valued and show me why I never ever should be okay with just the bare minimum.


There’s some weird telepathy between us 

It’s like they just somehow know when I need them the most! On my low days, they’re there to say the most comforting words to me. Like when Jungkook said in one of his lives “You’re the main character of your life, always remember that. You have to do what makes you happy”, I felt that. Or when Namjoon simply just says ‘I love you and I’m proud of you’, it makes me feel like the future's going to be okay and I need to give it time.


It feels like they’re singing just for me

Whenever I’m on my way to work or when I’m listening to music late at night, it feels like the lyrics of the songs were written just for me and I always end up blushing. I have full scenarios in my head where the 7 of them are serenading me with songs like Dimple, I Need U and Boy With Luv!


They’re way too hard working

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from them, it’s to work hard and push myself beyond my limits. Because even though the 7 of them have majorly different personalities, the one thing they all have in common is hard work and seeing that is inspiring and rare to find in anyone these days.

Lastly….They’re too hot to handle and now I can’t settle for anyone IRL!

They sing, they dance, they’re like the kindest people on earth and they’re undeniably gorgeous? They’re ruined me for life, I never ever can be attracted to any ordinary guy around me. So I guess either one of the 7 magically finds me and falls in love with me or I stay single for life!


Gotta go plan Jungkook and my imaginary wedding playlist, toodles!

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