Illustrators and artists use the power of their art and eye-catching creatives to raise awareness on the account of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Drug abuse is a global problem and to address it and educate the public on issues of concern, the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, also known as ‘World Drug Day‘, is observed every year on 26 June.

The theme of World Drug Day 2020 is Better Knowledge for Better Care. It is a resolution to reinforce measures and teamwork to achieve the task of an international society free of drug abuse.

The field of addressing the drug problem has been ‘plagued’ by the misinformation of many kinds. This year’s theme aims at improving the understanding of the world drug problem and at fostering greater international cooperation for countering its impact on health, governance and security.

Illustrators raise awareness about drug abuse in their artistic ways:

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International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed on 26th June every year to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent to the society. This year, let's follow the theme "better knowledge, for better care", and try to achieve a society free of drug abuse. Anokha NGO did it's part. We made a comic strip to spread some awareness. Our sincere thanks to freepik, from where the vector was taken for the poster, and put to use accordingly. #internationaldrugabuseandillicittrafficking #drugabuse #saynotodrugs #drubabuse #drugs #drugaddiction #campaignagainstsubstanceabuse #casa #substanceabuse #drugaddicts #drugrehab #drugawareness #illicittrafficking #drugsarebad #anokhango #anokha #vituniversity

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Have you heard your mother scream⁣ "COME BACK! ⁣ COME BACK, SON",⁣ UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE? ⁣ ⁣ I have. I heard Taheer's mother closing her eyes, tears dripping from them upon her son's feet, she begging to him. But Taheer was blinded by addiction. The wall of addiction was so thick, that even the wall of his mother's home which is made of love and affection couldn't protect him.⁣ ⁣ I know Taheer for around 19 years. We were childhood friends. We moved onto adulthood holding hands. He often used to say aloud when I was with him "Watch out world! Me and my friend is coming to conquer you". The royalty with which he used to speak had always filled me with immense encouragement. But I always used to dismiss him saying "These are the daydreams of young blood". ⁣ ⁣ Yes, young blood he was. Too young and juvenile to understand that in an attempt to conquer the world, the world will conquer him. He was always this enthusiastic, pestering me saying "Princess! Where to, today?" He had two sharp and attentive eyes, as if he is waiting for my consent to go and win this world, whenever I'll agree to accompany him. He had a heart of pure gold. And it's well known, how gold attracts a lot of attention from greedy people. ⁣ ⁣ That day too, I couldn't hide him from the treasure hunters. I could feel him slipping, leaving the grip of my hand. "Taheer, wait", I called. But he was already wrapped in the dangerous addiction of drugs. Love wasn't sufficient to penetrate that strong wall. With each day the addiction took a hold of him. It's well known too how we are attracted towards malice. It really needs a strong will to keep oneself away from evil. But his heart was soft, and evil took a disguise to lure him.⁣ ⁣ I knew I can't do anything, when he replied to his mother's helpless pleadings by saying "It's too late, ma". I lost that day. I wish, I had hold his hands before and ran to conquer the world. It could have saved him. These days I often mumble with tears in my eyes, the same tears which his mother had a few years ago, "I am ready, Taheer. Come back. It's time to conquer the world!"⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Illustration by: @alapanmondal1999 ?

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"International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking", also known as "WORLD DRUG DAY. "? ? ? ? ? ? The theme of World drug day 2020 is "better knowledge for better care. " : : Sometimes I wonder, If I will ever be free, making myself again a growing tree, The society stopped me many times, But I didn't stop making crimes; : : Again I wonder, Those little hands asking me for sweets, But I always made them cheat I was lost in my own world, making myself disturbed and unconcerned ; : : Then I felt to stop, To revive my life again, To give my life a new vein, Starting was very difficult, But I walked that way ;…… : : Non stop… and… without hesitation…… Jasleen-… : : #drugabuse #addiction #antinarkoba #alcoholism #narcotics #saynotodrugs #bhfyp #drugs #addictivesubstance #illicitliquor #illicittraffiking #DrugabuseDay2020 #betterknowledge #bettercare #kourjassi555…..

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We found these creatives worthy to be shared. If you’re one of the creators, do let us know so we can credit you.

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