Youth Sensation Ashish Chanchlani leaves his fans spellbound with his new video - The Dealer

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Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani's new video, The Dealer gives out a strong message against eve-teasing.

At a time when concerns about women safety still loom, Ashish Chanchalini’s video The Dealer against eve-teasing has gone viral on the Internet. The video showcases a cab driver catcalling a women passenger onboard and how she cleverly comes to grip with the situation.

The crime rate against eve-teasing, stalking, molestation and trafficking are posing some serious problems to the safety of women. Like Barkha from the video, women need to stand against it, united. We often tend not to care about the safety of women till the time someone of our own is at risk or threatened. Barkha aptly shows how a woman can tackle a situation like such.

Ashish’s video ACV Hatke, The Dealer depicts him as a cabbie passing lewd comments while the passenger, Barkha Singh sitting behind. The tale takes an unexpected turn when Barkha starts to have a conversation on the phone. The situation fills with hysteria when the cab driver is thrown off track. The video has already become the 2nd most fastest viewed video on the channel crossing 15 Million views and more than 2.3 Million likes within 2 days of uploading on Ashish’s YouTube channel. The video is breaking records considering it as an experimental video against eve-teasing.

“I never expected the video will break records and people will appreciate it so much. The video got 2 million views in real-time. We have crossed 3 million within 3 hours! It is very surprising. I really hope my fans keep supporting my content. I’d love to create more such videos that have a powerful message to it. The comedy videos will be a constant on my channel, Ashish Chanchalani Vines but with ACV Hatke, I will get to create more experimental videos that my audiences will love.” expressed Ashish Chanchalani.

Ashish is among the top three YouTubers to cross 20 million subscribers in India and 2nd most subscribed YouTuber of India with 22 million subscribers, which undoubtedly makes him one of the most popular YouTubers and comedians in the country.

Watch the video of The Dealer here:

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