Content Creator Grandma aka Aapli Aaji receives the Silver Play Button from YouTube

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Aapli Aaji

Aapli Aaji, the Indian Youtuber grandma who makes traditional Maharashtrian dishes received her own Silver Play Button for her Youtube channel that has over 6 lakh subscribers.

We all enjoy a special bond we share with our grandparents. Their unbound love that they shower on us makes up for all the beatings that we get from our parents. They know how to cheer us up and spoil us too. It is hard to say no to their amazing cuisines and to not miss them when we are away from them. But thanks to YouTube, we have a dadi who is rocking her way into the digital world while sharing her incredible recipes. Aapli Aaji has us all drolling with her mouth-watering Maharashtrian dishes, so much so that she recently received her YouTube's Silver Play Button.


@youtube कडून मला सिल्व्हर बटन मिळालं तो क्षण ! ❤️ .. हे तुमच्या प्रेमामुळेच झालं, असंच प्रेम राहुद्या.

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The 70-year-old grandma, Suman Dhamne, has made her mark in the online space, thanks to her talent and the assistance of her grandkid, Yash Pathak. She belongs from a village about 15 km from Ahmednagar has over 6 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel called, Aapli Aaji. She prepares traditional Maharashtrian dishes with homemade spices on her channel. The way she moves her kadchi and explains the dish in her sweet Maharashtrian language has left her fans impressed. Her journey on YouTube began after Yash asked her to prepare Pav Bhaji after letting her watch a number of videos online. She, however, took it on herself and told him that she would prepare a better one that was loved by his entire family. It has been an amazing YouTube journey for her since.

Check out some of her Youtube videos here:

Have you tried any of her recipes yet?

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