Asmita Gupta, humne mudke dekha, because your Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup is nothing but stunning

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Asmita Gupta, humne mudke dekha, because your Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup is nothing but stunning

A lot of creators try celebrity-inspired makeup and when it comes to recreating Kareena Kapoor's looks, nobody can do it better than Asmita Gupta.

Over the years, Kareena Kapoor Khan has made and maintained the reputation of being a bonafide fashionista. She has given us unforgettable characters and memories over the years and that has got her a huge fan following and tonnes of admiration. It is unarguably true that this charming actor has introduced us to new fashion and makeup trends too. There are some of her signature looks that we know her for. Lowkey all of us want to look like and be Bebo. While no one can match Kareena's charm and talent, we can at least try makeup inspired by her. A lot of Instagram creators put on makeup inspired by some celebrities and they nail it. And these videos by digital creator Asmita Gupta are proof! You will be amazed by her amazing skills and the way she nails every Kareena look she tries.

Asmita's makeup look series has every popular Kareena look. As we still struggle to match one eye with the other, she easily perfected KKK’s kohl eyes from Kurbaan. Not to forget how chic and sexy she looks as Poo. Asmita would definitely get a 10 for that. But our personal favourite has to be her Chhammak Chhallo inspired look that she recently tried and nailed. If you too are a fan of creators recreating celebrity looks, then you have to check out some of her work.

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Here's how she nails the recreation game!

Which look of Asmita's did you like?

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