Assam Floods: State battered with deluge, reports huge loss of life, fauna and property

Chayanika Roy
New Update
Assam floods

Assam Floods: Woes worsen as the state battles pandemic and deluge together. Swollen Brahmaputra and other rivers cause havoc.

Assam floods are a sad annual affair but the recurrent disaster has not only caused severe damage to property, but many people have also lost their lives, gone missing or have been displaced. The rich fauna of Assam couldn't escape the wrath of sweeping rivers and many animals have died and some have taken shelter on the higher grounds. In order to protect the great wildlife of Kaziranga National Park, forest officials and others are constantly rescuing animals and providing safe shelters to them.

With over 25 of the 33 districts of Assam being affected by the mighty floods, it is a challenge for the state to fight the natural disaster along with a global pandemic that has already claimed many lives in Assam.


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