After a planned and targetted killing of the Islamic Jihad’s Baha Abu Al-Atta in Gaza, Israel witnessed a rocket-attack. Angry, upset and concerned Twitterati share their reactions to the attacks on Israel.

A massive airstrike broke out on Israel yesterday at midnight. In the light of Egypt and the United Nations making efforts of bringing a truce between Israel and Gaza terror groups, the attacks on Israel came as a shocker. About 200 rockets were fired by Gaza on Tuesday, hours after an Islamic Jihad official was killed by the Israeli army. The country’s emergency medical officials reported that 45 were wounded and two hurt by rocket shrapnel.

Earlier in the airstrikes in Gaza, targeted at Islamic Jihad gunmen and various sites belonging to the group, killed eight Palestinian men and four of those men were its members. Meanwhile, Hamas which runs Gaza joined hands with Islamic group in attacking Israel. At the Abu el-Atta’s funeral, Hamas said that his death will not go unpunished.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that Abu el-Atta was a “ticking bomb” and was the mastermind behind cross-border, rocket, drone and sniper attack against the country. The Israeli military reported that 90% of the rockets sent from Gaza were intercepted by their Iron Dome defence system.

Twitterati shares their thoughts and reactions on the attacks on Israel:

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Our prayers and thoughts are with those who are affected by the attacks on Israel.