#CancelallBlueTicksinIndia trends after activists and Dilip Mandal called out Twitter for being casteist

Smrithi Mohan
Nov 06, 2019 11:55 IST
Dilip Mandal

People start a campaign against Twitter for restricting the account of professor and journalist Dilip Mandal. People are calling it casteist and discriminating while trending #cancelallBlueTicksinIndia on the site.

Twitter is one social media platform that helps people voice their opinion. It has made the process of communicating easy and reliable. A number of discussions and political debates happen on this platform. A platform where people troll and degrade each other, Twitter has been a major source of content for many. But who would have guessed that one day it would be twitter getting bashed? Twitter India saw #cancelallBlueTicksinIndia trending following the site's action of restricting the handle of Dilip Mandal.

Activists explained that the trend started after Twitter restricted the account of Dilip Mandal who is a professor and journalist/author at The Print. People called out on Twitter as being casteist and biased over their verification policy. Various Dalit, OBC and Tribal activist protested against the site since Saturday. After they started trending #restoreDilipMandal, Twitter verified Dilip Mandal's account. But after, however, Dilip has suggested on removing the blue tick as it represents patriarchy and a mirror of the Varna system where one is authenticated and others are silenced. People have joined in this protest and are demanding that the blue tick be removed from every account.

Here is how people showed their protest on the matter:

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