These auto rejection excuses will hit you harder than a break-up

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When every autowalla's response to you asking for a ride has been,'Na Na Na Na Naa re Naa re' you can definitely connect to these auto rejection excuses.

Indian commute is a major deal (obviously considering the 1.3 billion population that we have!) While we have trains and buses, one source of a commute that has a major fan following is that of the auto-rickshaw. Auto-rickshaws not only make our life easy but also make our life difficult at times because auto rejections is a THING (and I can feel you guys strongly agreeing to this). For all of us who have faced a lot of rejections in our dating life, auto rejections only add up to the already hurting heart. And the one thing that unites the entire nation apart from patriotism is the annoyance we have towards the auto walas giving lame auto rejection excuses.

The entire conversation around this one issue faced by millions resurfaced when OLA shared a series of hilarious and relatable creatives recently.

Here are some of the strangest auto rejection excuses by the auto walas that most of us have suffered through:

Abhi aaram ka time hai

Bohot dur hai, ghumke jana padega

Traffic jam hai

Aaj wife ka birthday hai, jaldi ghar jana hai

Meter ke upar Rs. 20 do, toh chalunga

Boss, gas khatam ho gaya hai

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Waapas sawari nahi milega udhar se

Aaj somvaar ka vrat hai

Chutta nahi hai

Mera OLA ka booking hai

Jaunga, par beechme kuch kaam hai... chalega?

And the most hurtful one of all, the no response death stare!

What is the worst auto rejection excuse you heard? Tell us in the comments below.

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