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Awez Darbar dance covers

Indian content creator Awez Darbar crossed 10 million on Instagram and we made a list of 10 of his dance covers that we love!

It feels amazing to see how the right platform can help someone achieve their goals! Among all the talent that we see on social media platforms, we admire people who can dance and groove to every beat. The various short-video format apps helped many people in proving themselves and showing off their unique skills to a million followers. Indian creator, Awez Darbar happens to be one of them.

This creator is unarguably one of the most popular creators in India with a huge fan following. He's been able to not only dance his way to success but also has been able to stir some laughs along the way. Awez has created videos that are funny, thoughtful, and also incredibly entertaining. The creator has received a lot of love for his art and his latest milestone is proof of that. He crossed 10 million followers on his Instagram and there couldn't be more exciting news today!

Over these years of his content creation, Awez has created content that encouraged people of the community to push themselves. He gave the short-video format a new face showing how well one can use and convey the most within 15 secs. Although his other videos have their own charm, nothing can beat his dancing videos. From pure Bollywood festive dance to trendy hip-hop dance routines, he does it all and with ease. As we celebrate him crossing 10 million, we made a list of 10 Awez Darbar dance covers.

Check it out:

Congratulations Awez!

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