Check out the peppy track, Shaadi Hone Wali Hai featuring Awez Darbar, Ishaan Khan, and Abhinav Shekhar.

Our favourite Content Creators have been entertaining the fans besides their own YouTube channel and Instagram feeds. While some have created their own songs others have featured in music videos. Among such Creators is Digital Creator and Choreographer, Awez Darbar. He features in a music video titled Shadi Hone Wali Hai, alongside Ishaan Khan and Abhinav Shekhar.

The song is in a complete wedding mood with a celebratory setting and amazing choreography. The fun and quirky song captures the whole Indian Shaadi scene vibes where the friends of the Groom poke fun at him. Vikram Montrose gave the music and Goldie penned the lyrics. The song also features Ankur Varma and Aman Sandhu.

Check out the video:

Here’s how people are reacting to Shadi Hone Wali Hai:

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