Directed by Pranjal Dua, Ankush Bahuguna, and Apoorva Arora’s, comedy-drama, Badboli Bhavna is streaming on Amazon miniTV from May 5!

With social media taking up the front and center in our day-to-day lives, we don’t quite realize when we’re giving more time to our phones than the relationships we surround ourselves with IRL! Highlighting precisely this and giving us a glimpse into the life of a social media influencer, Amazon miniTV brings us Badboli Bhavna, a short film that revolves around Bhavna (Apoorva Arora), a budding social media influencer, and her introvert husband, Sankalp (Ankush Bahuguna) who are in a constant struggle of striking the perfect balance between their personal and digital lives and keeping them separate. With the couple celebrating their two-year anniversary at a romantic dinner, little do they know that they have completely different reasons to rejoice. While the quiet Sankalp just wants to celebrate his relationship, Bhavna considers reaching 1 million followers to be a far more important milestone.

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Badboli Bhavna also talks about relationships in the age of social media, parents struggling to understand ‘social media influencer’ as a profession, married life, and more. To understand this short film and its characters better, we spoke to Ankush Bahuguna and Apoorva Arora!

Here’s what they had to say!

Shachi Lavingia – What can the audience expect from Badboli Bhavna?

Ankush Bahuguna – You can expect lots of nok jhok, Apoorva and I playing completely different characters, scenes that will remind you of your own family, and behind-the-scenes of an influencer couple. I think a lot of housewives will relate to this because Bhavna plays a married woman who has just found her calling in life and is a lot more successful than her husband or anyone in the family.

Apoorva Arora – Baat hum badi gehri kar rahe hai yahaan. Even though it’s about an influencer aisa nahi hai ki khali influencer hi family relate kar payegi. Bohot saare couples and families mein aisa moment aata hai jahaan ek insaan kuch alag karne jaata hai aur usko navigate karna mushkil hota hai. Uski life change hogayi toh hum kya karein? They mean well of course, par unko samaj nahi aata hai, it’s new!

SL – What are Bhavna and Sankalp like? Are they like you IRL?

AB – I’m more like Bhavna, I feel. I understand Sankalp because I have seen a lot of Sankalps. I understand what he’s saying, his thoughts but where I’m different from Sankalp is his behavior. He’s shaant, he’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt. I’m the exact opposite so that’s where we’re really different.

AABhavna’s job is to be active on Instagram and social media, and make relatable videos. Uske ke baat karneka tareeka bohot alag hai. I’m from Delhi but I’ve never played a proper Delhi character, so I had to learn how to talk like that for this character. Bhavna fumble karti hai because woh sochti kam hai aur bolti zyaada hai toh kuch sentences barabar form nahi hote.

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We’re looking forward to watching this short film on Amazon miniTV! Are you?

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