Twitter says Badhaai Ho to Ayushmann Khurrana for yet another success

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Badhaai Ho Twitter reviews

Badhaai Ho, featuring Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena Gupta, and Sanya Malhotra released today and people posting Badhaai Ho Twitter reviews are all hearts about it. From praising the writing of the story to lauding the actors to conforming the concept of the film bashing one of the (many) clichés that surround Indian society.

We tried portraying an unbiased opinion about the movie, as some people would like it and some probably wouldn’t; but backing that unbiased opinion turned out to be a bit difficult as there aren’t any negative opinions (at least not on Twitter).

In a different world (or even country) the situation of your mom being pregnant when you’re grown up to a point where it’s time for you to get married could be a bit, let’s just say awkward, but in the Indian society…….. no comments.

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If it wasn’t for sex, people wouldn’t have been born. Sex is the roots(or seed) of existence. In India though, it is one of the biggest taboos and the most avoided topic of conversation in families. If kids ask their mom, how were they born, their moms would say a fairy goddess laid them next to her while she was sleeping after they offered a flower and a box of sweets to the temple the day before. This movie might break this stigma if it influences people to deal with the subject rationally, which probably seems to be the motive.

The trailer portrays the narrative to be funny meets uncomfortable, with a few touches of emotions. Movies touch-basing social issues or at least being different than the same copied Bollywood theme are always fresh and reviews on Twitter say that this movie is crisp.

So, Badhaai Ho a part of your weekend plans yet?

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