Bappi Lahiri's Jimmy Jimmy becomes the protest song for people under China's lockdown

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Bappi Lahiri's Jimmy Jimmy

The parody of Bappi Lahiri's Jimmy Jimmy, 'Jie Mi' which translates to 'give me rice' is the lockdown anthem for the Chinese.

We have all been there; Stuck in our homes, starting new hobbies, slamming plates, and lighting candles to deal with the pandemic. Basically doing everything that helped us manage the stress of having to be cooped up in our houses. While the rest of the world is finally back to being normal, China is under a strict lockdown that has resulted in people protesting against the government and its restrictions. The Chinese have adopted a unique way to show their protest with the parody of Bappi Lahiri's Jimmy Jimmy, 'Jie Mi Jie Mi' becoming their lockdown anthem.

The 2020 lockdown had us trying to stay connected with our peers, thanks to the virtual world. And following popular trends was an essential part of it. All the Dalgona coffees and Pass The Brush challenges are examples of it. People in China are using the same platform to draw attention to all the agony that China's Zero-COVID policy has caused. The trending song is sung by Parvati Khan in Mandarin 'Jie mi, jie mi', which loosely translates to ‘Give me rice, give me rice.’ By following the trend people mockingly display how they are deprived of necessary food items during lockdowns.

The Zero-COVID policy has forced people in the country to stay at home for weeks with videos of security personnel harshly reprimanding protesters of the lockdowns also doing the rounds. So far the trend hasn't been taken down by the government, which has otherwise been quick to take down anything that is posted against the government.

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Take a look at the trend!

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