A bored Twitter user laid out a debate on what is a better combination than Chai + Toast? And Twitter users bombarded the thread with answers.

Are you that kind of Twitter user who gets bored and tweets something weird with no hope of getting a reply? Sometimes people are up for fun though, and they too are looking for some mundane things to participate in. And if it’s Twitter, then there are high chances of something like this happening. Twitter user, Jaskirat Lamba was bored, so he confidently asked on Twitter, “What is a better combination than Chai + Toast? And Twitter users took that personally. They too became a part of the fun. His tweet was bombarded with answers or should I say better alternatives to Chai + Toast?

Regardless of whether or not anything can compete with Chai and Toast, in your opinion, who wouldn’t want to know what people prefer to have with chai? Also, with everything happening in the world around us, it’s nice to indulge in light-hearted fun like this even on Twitter, no? Go get some chai and something that goes well with it while you scroll through these responses!

Check them out:

What’s your favorite combination?

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