Varun Dagar shows us what it's like to be fluid as he flows through music

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Varun Dagar

Indian artist, Varun Dagar has won over netizens with his balletic and graceful dancing.

In today's day and age, what does it take for talent to find a platform to perform for an audience that appreciates their art? Answer - A mobile phone and a social media account! Short-video platforms have actually revolutionized how we consume entertainment and what kind of art we love today. The small time frame has forced artists to show the best of their art to their online audience who is willing to spare more than 15 seconds if they love it! The audience will make sure that more people witness and give their attention to the talent because they deserve it. And that's one of the beauties of social media, no? Varun Dagar is one such gem that was found on the internet and the netizens continue to celebrate him!

This artist not only continues to amaze people but is also able to introduce busking to an entire village. A busker is someone who performs music or other entertainment in the street or another public place for monetary donations. Even though he now receives a lot of love for his art, he had to fight to convince his family and friends how busking is different from begging. Originally from Palwal, Haryana, the 22-year-old ran away from his hometown and moved to Delhi to become a dancer. He wanted to explore the world of busking and perform on the streets and continues to do so.

Varun is an Indian busker who has stunned everyone with his performances. He has given some of our Bollywood classics a new life with each of his performances. He often performs in Delhi's Connaught Place. No matter where he's performing, he attracts an audience who is more than happy to capture him on their phones. Each of his videos is filled with soul, grace, and a sense of the divine that leaves us with a full heart. His performance on the instrumental version of Veer Zara's theme continues to be a fan favourite. The video has been viewed over 17 million times. As a cherry on the top, apart from dancing, Varun is also a very talented singer. He has also shared a few of his videos where he's seen jamming with other artists. His videos are proof of his love for his art form and there's nothing more enchanting than seeing someone do what they love.

Watch these videos:

Hope we see more of his performances soon!

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