Rasika Rajagopalan's dancing Reels are all about elegance, poise and grace!

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Rasika Rajagopalan's dancing

Caution: Your cheeks might hurt from smiling too much while watching Rasika Rajagopalan's dancing Reels.

Social media surely can be like a Bermuda triangle where we just get lost after finding one video and ending up spending hours on it and most of the time it's the silliest video that catches our attention. Posts and videos that make us laugh till our stomachs hurt, home renovating videos, ASMR, videos that leave us face-palming at basic human things; social media has it all. But the best kind of videos that we enjoy and also make us a tad jealous are the ones where people show off their talents. And mind you, there are thousands of talented people on the internet from around the globe, and Indian dancer, Rasika Rajagopalan's dancing Reels are one of the most enchanting videos out there.

If you are a non-dancer who enjoys dancing but the only time you prefer showing off the little dancing you know well, is usually at a baraat and watching artists like Rasika Rajagopalan might make you want to learn professional dance skills. A classical dancer, Rasika has been sharing her dancing videos that look like a dream. She looks so effortlessly beautiful in all her videos that it's hard to not fall in love with her. It's these dancing Reels that make us want to dance like nobody is watching. It was a treat to go through her Reels and watch her perform some of the most classic and iconic songs. Her performance made these songs even more beautiful.

We made a list of 10 of our favorites from her page and it's exactly what you need on a stressful day.

What do you think of these? Tell us which is your favorite among these in the comments below.

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