Indian creator and member of DamnFam, Aditya Kumar released his debut single “Bas Tu Dikhti Hai.” The song features his fellow creator Aashna Hegde.

There are a bunch of creator groups in India who are making sure to continue entertaining their fans. The creator group DamnFam happens to be one with talented members doing their best to put out amazing content. Over the years, we have seen some group members like Tanzeel Khan exploring their other talents and creating their own music. Fans have been loving their composition and accepted them with open hands. DamnFam’s other member Aditya Kumar has joined his own musical journey and released his debut single ‘Bas Tu Dikhti Hai.’

The new romantic song features his other fellow DamnFam member, Aashna Hegde, and it’s an ode to all the lovers. Beautifully picturized, the song has become every hopelessly romantic’s favorite jam of the season. The song also happens to be the first for Aditya Kumar’s production house Altered Time Vision. Fans were really excited when the creator shared a picture of him recording the song and were eagerly waiting for the release. Soon after the song came out, they shared their reactions.

Check out the reactions:

Watch the song here:

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