These caramel desserts are heavenly and a must-try!

The quarantine period is probably bringing out talents we never knew we had! Some people are learning new languages, some are picking up hobbies, so why should you stay behind? If desserts are your thing, nothing should stop you from experimenting with that bounty of sweetness using ingredients from your own kitchen! We’ve got some exciting DIY recipes for caramel desserts lined up for you so get your aprons ready and start whipping –

1. No bake caramel pudding

2. Caramel custard

3. Caramel banana trifle 

4. Caramel latte

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 5. Salted caramel cheesecake

6. Caramel cream 

7. Caramel stuffed rice krispie treats

8. Caramel fudge

9. Caramel popcorn brownies

10. Salted caramel popcorn

Ready to dive into the world of caramel? These sinful desserts will surely make you go weak in the knees!