27 Horror movies you NEED TO binge watch this Halloween

Paawan Sunam
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best horror movies of all times

This Halloween lets remember the dead, by binge-watching the best horror movies of all times that’ll scare the bejesus out of you. Don’t be afraid, after all, fear is what makes us feel alive.

Before you put on your costume and carve the pumpkin, get all the feelz by the best horror movies of all times eliciting fear.

Your house may not be haunted, but your screen will be, once you play these movies. You may no longer wet the bed but adult diapers are available now (just in case).

The spooky winds have been traveling from the West, as the day when the dead rise from their grave is here. But don’t worry these ghosts don’t come out of the screen or do they?

The list obviously includes evergreen classics and mainstream hits, but also includes the unconventional ones, you may not have heard of.


It, be like that sometimes

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Nothing can beat the OG

The Exorcist

Making everyone pee, since 1973

The Omen

Son of who?

Evil Dead

Leave the book alone


Don't try this at home

The Conjuring

Best one till date

The Nun

Unveil the darkest chapter

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

After Death


You Ready?


Unreal. You aren't alone


Are they looking at us?

The Witch

Nuff said

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Based on a true story

Slender Man

Can you see him?

Paranormal Activity

When it all begins

The Ring

(Whispering) Seven Days

The Woman In Black

Don't go back to the house

The Shining


Grave Encounters

Psychiatric or paranormal?

Cabin in the Woods

Do you actually know anything, for sure?

Valencia, 2016

No Way Out

The Blair Witch Project

Do you believe in the stories of the Blair Witch?


Aap Bhoot-Pret me vishwas karte hain?

Vaastu Shastra

Kuch cheeze aisi hoti hai jo dikhai nai deti

Darna Mana Hai

Sakht mana hai


Vo thi, ya nahi?

Ready your snacks and eat heartily. For tonight, we dine in Hell.

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