International Podcast Day, celebrated on 30th September, aims at promoting various podcasters around the world as well as encouraging new entries into the same.

Us human beings need entertainment in order to make our lives more interesting. Therefore, people are dedicated to finding new forms of content. From newspapers, radios to the new age content streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. the horizon of good content is growing by the minute. With the growing interest in content, the choice of content formats has also widened for content creators. One such form of entertainment that has been gaining popularity across the world is, Podcasts.

Podcasts is an audio form of entertainment that is a collision of Broadcast and iPod. Although the iPod which was quite popular has become extinct in recent times, the concept still remains. While people have moved on from radio as a means of entertainment, podcasting is gaining acclamation and taking up its place.

September 30th is celebrated as International Podcast Day. The idea is about connecting with various talented podcasters around the world and encouraging people to listen to them. It is also to encourage more people to create podcasts. An easy way of consuming good, engaging and motivating content on the go is something that makes the podcast experience different from any other medium available.

This new concept of the podcasts has been widely received by the people of our country as well. There are a number of Indian podcasters sharing inspirational, funny or informational content which is widely consumed.

Here are some of the Podcasts that you should not miss:

On purpose with Jay Shetty 

Stuff you should know 

Waveform with MKBHD 

Maed in India 

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VIEWS by David Dobrik and Jason Nash 


Adventures of cheap beer 

Ted talks daily


Cyrus Says



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