30 of the best Supermoon pictures from Instagram

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best Supermoon pictures

People all over the world were delighted by an astonishingly beautiful sight last night. As people scurried to grab a picture of the rare event, some Instagram users managed to capture the most creative renditions and the best Supermoon pictures.

Let me explain this rare phenomenon first, for the uninitiated who still do not know how truly rare last night’s lunar incident was. The Super Blue Blood Moon that we witnessed last night, was one of the rarest sights in astronomy as three events converged together to give us the Super Blue Blood Moon, and some of the best Supermoon pictures ever.

First off, the Supermoon means that the Earth’s lunar buddy was the closest it can be and this phenomenon, although not too rare, makes for an incredible sight. What’s rare is, it coinciding with the Blue Moon, which indicates that a full moon has appeared twice in less than 28 days, and lastly, the Blood Moon was because of the total lunar eclipse. Hence, the rarest of rare phenomenons occurred last night, deservedly breaking the internet.

While you and I were rushing helter and skelter for some low quality phone pictures to share with our friends and family, these Instagram photographers managed to capture some of the best Supermoon pictures we have ever seen.

1. Mumbai 

2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco

3. Gloucestershire, England

4. Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco

5. South Korea

6. India Gate, New Delhi

7. Somewhere in India 

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8. United States of America

9. London, UK

10. California, USA

11. California, USA

12. Nevada, USA

13. Navi Mumbai

14. Blackburn, UK

15. Somewhere on Earth

16. Mumbai 

17. St. Louis, Missouri, USA

18. Somewhere on Earth

19. Somewhere on Earth

20. Barcelona, Spain

21. Mudjimba, Australia 

22. Mumbai

23. Somewhere on Earth

24. Glasgow, Scotland

25. Somewhere on Earth

26. Indonesia

27. Hamilton

28. Juiz De Fora, Brazil

29. India

30. Somewhere on Earth

In no particular order, these were the most creative, beautiful and some of the best Supermoon pictures we found on Instagram. Show us your own and you could be featured!

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