Budget 2018 memes: No additional taxes on laughter this year

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Budget 2018 memes

The annual nail biting, sweat inducing and pocket pinching Government sponsored event is here and while the common man scratches his head, Twitter is busy making Budget 2018 memes.

Look, I can’t fault you for not understanding Tax slabs and Income Tax cess and all that other jargon that gets thrown around each year! The truth is, even I don’t understand half of it but do you know what I understand perfectly? Budget 2018 memes and so will you.

On one hand, politicians, journalists, experts and party supporters are busy defending/criticizing the Budget, Twitter jesters are busy making Budget 2018 memes based on the misery of smokers who decide whether it was good or not by looking at the price of cigarettes. P.S. There have been no good budgets for smokers in years.

If you’re experiencing the pre-weekend blues, and have trouble understanding all the mindless, inconsequential chatter around the announcement, these Budget 2018 memes will make your day just a little bit better.

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Phew. I don't know about you, but I was looking forward to this. Not for tax slabs, but for Budget 2018 memes!

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