Don’t worry laughing at Padmaavat memes is totally safe!

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Padmaavat memes

Look, I know the entire Karni Sena x Padmaavat issue is exceedingly unfortunate and grossly stupid for starters, but you can’t help but laugh at the sheer futility of their agitation. And while it may not be safe to venture out to watch Padmaavat right now, you sure as hell can watch Padmaavat memes!

The (almost) entire nation has been in a perpetual facepalm ever since this fiasco began. Theaters are being threatened with arson, vehicles are being pelted with paraphernalia and these heathens did not even spare schoolchildren. Our politicians are protecting their vote bank, whereas Twitter is busy making Padmaavat memes to poke fun at the situation.

Agreed, the violence and loss of property and livelihood is no laughing matter, but when the establishment and the government has chosen to not act, what else can ordinary citizens do but lambast the Karni Sena for being unreasonable without even watching the film first.

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While the film itself has received negative reviews from many publications, including Arre's popular Fitoor Mishra, India Today Showbiz and more. It makes me wonder whether the movie would have been declared a hit if the Karni Sena had not arranged for such free publicity for the film?


These Padmaavat memes have flooded Twitter as the film releases nationwide today, after the Supreme Court intervened and granted relief to the makers of the film who were staring at death threats and considerable financial losses.

Well this controversy is no laughing matter. Or maybe it is?

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