Check out all these funny and hysterical videos as the fictional character, ‘Yaya didi’ by Indian content creator, Neel aka @JustNeelThings.

Sure, TikTok set the trend of short-video formats by giving people a platform to show off their crazy talents and incredible performances. But long before that, we had Vines that made short funny sketches another way of entertainment. Although TikTok still continues to entertain the rest of the world, India has found its own alternative in Reels. The feature has encouraged thousands of young, unknown talents to prove their creativity and sketch writing skills. It also opened up a huge array of talents making content in the regional language. Among many that have appeared on our explore page, Neel is surely one of the popular faces.

He is an example of what close-to-home comedy feels like. A filmmaker and actor, he is funny, relatable, and quick-witted. With witty comebacks, he has made our everyday conversations into entertaining ones. From making videos of how one should react to people asking dumb questions to have the making and sharing the screen with his fellow creators, he has made Reels all the more interesting place to be. He can be blamed for the extra hour we spend on Instagram. Apart from all his other video series, one that has become everyone’s favourite is that of Yaya didi. She is bold, smart, upfront and a living example of the spice that was missing in our lives. She may be a Reel-life character but she definitely reminds us of people we’ve met before. As an appreciation to all of Yaya didi’s rants and complaints, we made a list of the ones that we absolutely love.

Check out these Yaya didi videos:

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