From singing Qawwali to playing the Indian mom with a belan, Giulia Raffaello talks about creating content and bringing European and Indian cultures closer together.

Thanks to the internet, people around the world are becoming more inclusive of cultures around the world. They are trying to explore various cultures and learn about their experiences. Giulia Raffaello is an Italian Youtuber based in Berlin, Germany who is doing the same with her medium and content. The Youtuber is winning Indian hearts all around with her quirky videos.

Giulia aka Only One Giulia has more than 150k subscribers on her channel. She began making content about two years ago and has been able to captivate and entertain audiences during this time span. She has always been vocal about Indian and European cultures and how she embraces and enjoys all the little differences in them.

Giulia credits her journey of exploring Indian culture to Shrey, her boyfriend who she met on an online dating app. They have since, made content that revolves around the interesting and funnier aspects of their intercultural relationship. Her lively content makes her seem even closer to Indian audiences. Her viral and popular character as an Indian Mom is just an example of that. We recently spoke to her and as expected, she had some interesting insights into content creation and more!

Here’s what Giulia had to share:

How did your journey as a Digital Creator begin?

“When I look back now and try to connect the dots, I feel like I always wanted to be a content creator. I first started a blog in 2014 but then stopped as I was moving countries quite often. After coming to Berlin in 2015 I started taking Improvisation Acting Classes. I loved the classes and that gave me the urge to perform but I was never sure how to get started. Shrey, my boyfriend, always used to tell me that I should bring my bubbly personality in front of the camera. During this time, I also started taking part in some youtube videos of the company where I work. One day Shrey just bought a whole bunch of filming equipment – cameras, lights, tripods, etc and told me: “That’s it, we’re going to make youtube videos!”.

To be honest, I was quite upset with him for spending so much money on buying all the expensive equipment, but I decided to give it a go. The jokes we used to share with friends at a dinner table then became our script for the video and the rest as they say is history! We filmed the content, Shrey edited it and our first ever video on youtube went viral – getting over 700k views!”

What kind of content interests you the most?

“I like uplifting content the most. Whether that is via education, entertainment or motivation, I want the content that I consume to serve me somehow. This is exactly what we try to give to our community. As a content creator, I feel I am at the service of others, so whenever someone tells me that our videos made their day better or that they discovered something new, I feel I have achieved my ultimate goal as a content creator.”

Can you tell us a little about your process of content creation and how you make it stand-out from the rest?

It all starts with an initial idea that pops in little moments: in between work meetings while taking a shower, while watching something, etc. Once we get an initial idea we make sure to write it down on a post-it note in order not to forget it. Then, if it is going to add any informational or entertainment value to the viewer and most importantly if it matches our values, we start refining the idea by adding our personalities to it and our touch. Sometimes we write down our thoughts on paper or on a google doc. From there on, it’s about filming the video, editing, and publishing. We take great care in making sure the editing of the video meets the standards we have set, and on youtube, it’s also equally important to have a catchy thumbnail.

When and how did you meet your boyfriend?

I connected with Shrey via an online dating app. I somehow felt I had to meet him after reading his profile, which I found very intriguing. After exchanging a few messages, we decided to meet up in a park in Berlin on a late summer evening, and you could say it was love at first sight! During our first meeting itself, we connected so deeply and spoke for countless hours and here we are today! There is actually a video on my youtube channel where I talk in detail about how we met.

Both your cultures are quite different. What according to you is the most interesting thing about Indian culture?

I honestly feel that the Indian and Italian cultures are more similar than we think. I love the emphasis on family and community in the Indian culture. You never feel lonely in India!

Do you have a favourite among Indian digital creators?

“It’s really hard to pick one, India has so many talented content creators! I recently discovered Yashraj Mukhate and I love his content, I feel he is a true artist. Love the fact he keeps quality and not quantity in mind, and his remixes are incredible! Then, I also love Masoom, for her sense of fashion and style, Ranveer Allahbadia, for his drive and genuine nature in helping others thriving and Prajakta Koli for the deep connection she has with her audience.

What kind of response or messages do you receive from your Indian audiences?

“About 99% of the messages I receive from Indian audiences are extremely positive and I’m so grateful for them. I also receive many messages coming from intercultural couples looking for advice and simply thanking me for sharing my experience. I also have this character where I play the role of an Indian Mom which my subscribers absolutely love. As far as the questions go, the most asked question that I get is of course when I am getting married!”

Any advice for aspiring Content Creators?

Know the message you want to share and be true to yourself and your values. It is easy to get lost with content creation but consistency and focus on the long term will keep you on the right track. Although content creation relies heavily on creativity, what will set out apart is consistency in uploading.

Here’s how Giulia responded to our Quick Five:

One Indian snack that you absolutely love.

Bhel puri, I could eat it every day!

Creators or celebrities you would like to collaborate with.

Indian: Beer Biceps, Mostly Sane and Yashraj Mukhate

Western: Jay Shetty, Lilly Singh and Mark Wiens

Your favourite Internet challenge.

I love the “This or That: couples challenge!”

One life motto that you always follow.

Self-discipline is Self-Love.

One tip for all content creators.

Do not let the algorithm get you!

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