Twitter slams Amitabh Bachchan over racist FIFA tweet....

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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, the persona that he is, has always been in news doing wonders in his 70s. Super-active on Twitter, Big B has been constantly updating us about his life events. But this time he has tweeted something that has been raking a lot of negative comments against the star.

It's not a hush-hush how big a fan Sr. and Jr. Bachchan are of football. Post watching the finale yesterday, Big B took to the micro-blogging site and tweeted something bizarre that wasn't expected from a veteran actor like him.

This implied that he was referring to the black players of the French team. No, his account wasn't hacked!

And to say that the people did not receive it well, would be an understatement. As soon as this ‘racist’ tweet saw the light of social media, Twitterati exploded with comments about how this was uncalled for.

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Have a look on what the people had to say to Mr. Bachchan:

1. Notice how he put a smiley? That’s a sweet knife.

2. Looks like Amit ji has really disappointed people this time.

3. Science defending diversity. Nailed it boy!

4. And law joins science!

5. Some think Big B was drunk while tweeting. Um…

6. India Sports TV is not happy.

7. Lost all respect?

8. Fact on point!

9. THE FRENCH TEAM WON! Not their individual ancestral roots!

10. Let sports be secular.

11. I am in total support of this guy. Well-worded.

12. Wow. That is a strong statement.

13. They’re French by law and by heart.

14. Immature much?

15. Not funny.

Those were some really strong tweets, weren’t they? Although the silver lining here is that, even though it was from a superstar like Amitabh Bachchan, that did not change the kind of reactions it received if it had been posted by a commoner. It shows that people are finally seeing and embracing the world for all its diversity.

As for Mr. Bachchan, we hope all these reactions were enough to give you answers for the inappropriate tweet. We need not say anything further, it’s all there!

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