Salman Khan turns upset as Shehnaaz Gill acts all possessive over Sidharth Shukla. Check out the weekly Bigg Boss round-up to know more.

Bigg Boss welcomed special guests, Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey and Laxmi Agarwal in the house as they were promoting their new movie, ‘Chhapaak’ which is a real-life inspired movie. o lighten up the mood and to surprise them, Laxmi further welcomes Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey inside the house and everyone is thrilled to have them. They introduce a role reversal task and the house is divided into two teams; team A has Rashami, Sidharth, Paras, Mahira, and Asim while Team B has Vishal, Madhurima,  Shehnaaz, Aarti, and Shefali. They allot interesting situations that have taken place inside the house in the past and the contestants have to enact the housemates and recreate the incident. Deepika first asks Sidharth and Asim to recreate Madhruima and Mahira’s lips fight. Shehnaz and Vishal act out Paras and Mahira’s romance, while Rashami and Mahira do a great job at essaying Madhurima and Vishal’s chappal fight. But team B’s Vishal, Aarti, and Shefali steal the show when they enact Rashami and Sidharth’s iconic chai fight. Deepika declares Team B as the winner and announces a reward has never seen in the history of Bigg Boss. Deepika says that the winning team will get to go outside the house for a ‘joyride’ along with her. Bursting into loud cheers, the winning team join Deepika and drive around in an open jeep.

The word ‘jealousy’ has recently caused a major upheaval inside the house with Shehnaz Gill turning violent and wanting to leave the house after she upsets Salman Khan with her unruly behaviour. She gets angry, loses her calm and questions Salman if he agrees that she is the jealous one. That hit a wrong cord with Salman and he asked her to stop the drama and behave respectfully. However, Shehnaz became unstoppable and cried profusely declaring that she wants to go out of the house.

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A disappointed Salman informs the housemates that their actions have become a pattern and are setting a wrong example both inside and outside the house. He says that while Paras- Mahira and Sidharth– Shehnaz have also stooped down to hitting each much like Vishal – Madhurima, Sidharth’s action of pinning down Shehnaz is being misinterpreted by the audience. Salman shows them the clips of the specific incidents and while the housemates laugh it off, Salman condemns their behaviour and asks them to not take it as a joke. He tells them that they are making a mockery out of their personal matters on national television and the whole world is watching them.

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