Flawed female characters: Bold, Beautiful, Real and a complete mess!

Other than strong female characters that redefine femininity in their own ways, these flawed female characters show us what it's really like to be a woman in reality! 

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Flawed Female Characters

Flawed Female Characters

Depicting women onscreen has always been a topic of debate; either they have been pushed to be typecasted as the hero's love interest, or these days, they are the boss bitches who can do everything. But we forget that women are not aliens but just simply humans! And while we need many strong female characters to tell this patriarchal world that we can do it all, we also need flawed female characters that teach us that the glory of being a woman, after all, lies in all its pain and mess! 

Now, what do I mean when I say flawed? It simply means that women who don't fit the stereotype of morally upright women as defined by society! She is not your usual nice, caring, always smiling, advising, sought-out woman who walks the lines of right and wrong. She is a morally gray human being who makes mistakes, sometimes does wrong, teaches a lesson while learning one herself, and is a badass who is messed up but owns up to it. Such characters onscreen help humanize and empathize with the real women out there. Because their emotions, reactions, and actions are based in real-time. 

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Some of the characters from films that come to mind as "flawed females" are Amy (Gone Girl), Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook), Summer (500 Days of Summer), Simi (Andhadhun), Vidya (Kahaani), Alisha (Gehraiyaan), Meera (NH 10), Badrunissa (Darlings) and many more. The range is vast because whether they are lawfully right or wrong, they certainly add a dimension to being a woman! This list focuses on web series characters that offer more insight and depth because of longer runtime. 

Fleabag in Fleabag

Being unabashed, fun, quirky, cool, loving sex, speaking her mind, and deciding for her own body isn't a loveable quality in a woman who is responsible for her best friend's death. Hence, her being herself is her flaw! 


Pushpavalli in Pushpavalli

Being a funny, smart, adjustable, well-read dreamer is not a good look on a woman who is a dark, fat, ugly, wannabe stalker who falls in love too easily. Hence, her insecurity is her flaw!  


Fiona Gallagher in Shameless 

Being a loving, caring, independent elder sister who isn't a damsel in distress isn't a good look on a young woman who is a slut, cheater, or homeless coming from the wrong side of the tracks. Hence, where she comes from is her flaw! (Debbie and every female character in this show is flawed!)


Tara in Made In Heaven

Being an aspiring, independent woman with good intelligence who doesn't need a man to make it big isn't a good look on a dark-skin, lower-middle-class, divorcee woman. Hence, her dreaming big is her flaw! 


Rue in Euphoria 

Being a grieving teenager who lost her father and is figuring out her sexuality isn't a good look on a young teenage girl with a drug addiction problem. Hence, her trauma is her flaw! (Though every female character in this show is flawed!)


Beena Tripathi in Mirzapur 

Being a woman with her own mind and sexual desires isn't a good look on a woman who is a respected bahu of the household and is too chalu and cunning for her own good. Hence, her sexual desires are her flaw! 

Beena | Mirzapur 2 | Rasika Dugal - YouTube

Lily in How I Met Your Mother 

Being a woman who wants to be independent, with dreams and aspirations of her own despite wanting to have a family, isn't a good look on a woman who is a mother and wife. Hence, her having an identity as well being a family woman is her flaw! 


Purva in Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankein

Being a self-assured woman coming from a rich family isn't a good look on a woman who kidnaps and marries a man just because she wants him. Hence, her desire to do whatever she feels like doing is her flaw! 

Alex Levy in The Morning Show 

Being a 50-something woman in the media business who wants a seat at the table isn't a good look on a woman who worked right beside a man accused of #metoo for more than 20 years. Hence, her being an aspirational businesswoman is her flaw! 


Raji in The Family Man season 2

Being a woman who seeks revenge isn't a good look on a woman who is uprooted from her home and is subjected to torture every day as a woman. Hence, her being vengeful is her flaw! 


Rebecca Welton in Ted Lasso 

Being a woman with self-worth, good business sense, and desires isn't a good look on a vengeful woman, especially in the field of sports like football. Hence, her being a woman in a male-dominated field is her flaw! 


Aarya in Aarya 

Being a woman who speaks her mind, is a mother, and wants a normal life for her family isn't a good look on a woman from a rich gangster family with high intellect and good business sense. Hence, her saying no to being a part of her family business is her flaw! 


Wednesday Addams in Wednesday 

Being a girl who is born different in a world that is unique in itself isn't a good look on a young girl who is too dark, loves killing, maniacal, and almost downright crazy. Hence, her being too different in a different world is her flaw!  

Wednesday' Review: The New Addams Family Show on Netflix

Sheel in Mai 

Being a mother who cares too much about her daughter and wants to know what happened to her isn't a good look on a woman who is dependent on others to live her life. Hence, her wanting to know the truth is her flaw! 


Maeve in Sex Education 

Being a young girl who loves literature, writing, sex, her independence, and her friends isn't a good look on a teenage girl who is a slut born on the wrong side of the tracks. Hence, her living alone is her flaw! (Amy, and every female character in this show, is flawed!)


Blanca in Pose 

Being born different in a world that boxes everyone in gender stereotypes isn't a good look at a woman in a man's body. Hence, her being a transwoman is her flaw! (Angel, and every female character in this show, is flawed!)


If men could be given refuge under the guise of some reason because of which they are wired the way they are, then why not women? After all, this patriarchal society isn't built for flawless women! Which one did you relate to the most, and who did we all miss out on? Tell us in the comments below! 

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