Flawed onscreen mothers who offer different shades of motherhood and take it a step further!

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Flawed onscreen mothers

Flawed onscreen mothers

Flawed onscreen mothers are women who fundamentally differ from society's perspective of mothers and exist between the definition of being a good or bad one!

Today, a lot of films don't portray mothers as helpless, sacrificial entities where everything they do is for the sake of their children and families. Modern-day, onscreen mothers like the ones we've seen in English Vinglish, The Lost Daughter, Aarya, and more are relatable because they are not idealistic pictures of motherhood fitting into society's idea of a perfect mother. Despite being superwomen, juggling everything in their own ways, they are feisty and flawed just like real life. Maybe that's why these fictional mothers find themselves at odds with a society that still lives in an age where a woman wanting to be more than a mother is deemed as a flaw. 

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Here's a list of some of these fictional mothers!

Moira Rose - Schitt's Creek

Contrary to the belief that a mother only lives for her children, Moira prefers not to lose herself in her children and doesn't feel guilty for choosing to care for her career more than her children. 

Shamshunissa - Darlings 

Shamshunissa is a girl mom who not only teaches her daughter how to be the best wife but also how to stand for what's right, even when it means breaking a marriage or punishing her husband! 

Alex Levy - The Morning Show 

Alex isn't a mom who believes in devoting her entire life to her child's future. She's independent, ambitious, career-oriented and is always striving for success! 

Shakuntala Devi - Shakuntala Devi 

Just because a woman becomes a mother doesn't mean she should forget about herself, and Shakuntala Devi proves that! She's one such woman who wouldn't let go of her genius talent just because she's also a mom.

Lily - How I Met Your Mother 

Being a mother should not mean that a woman should lose her identity and desires, and Lily still wants to be this fun and young version of herself who enjoys art and painting! 

Urmila Manjushree - Qala and Dhanlaxmi - Rocky Aur Rani 

A mother is not all sugar and spice and everything nice. Urmila and Dhanlaxmi are dominating and aggressive personalities built by being a woman in this man's world and can't help but pass on their traumas to their children! 

Miriam - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Contrary to the belief that a mother won't be able to juggle work and children together, Miriam is the kind of mother who, when she realizes that she has a knack for comedy, strives to become a successful female comedian without abandoning her family!

Karishma - Delhi Crime 2 

Not every woman wants to be a mother and Karishma was made to be one out of societal pressure; hence, she abandons her child in pursuit of her dreams!


Sandra Voyter - Anatomy of a Fall 

Mothers are apparently known as emotional women who can't handle the harsh truths of life and Sandra, proves otherwise when after being accused of killing her own husband, she fiercely and boldly faces the music for the sake of her child! 

Anuradha and Nayanthra - Tribhanga

Anuradha and Nayanthara make up a perfect duo of mothers who are transferring cyclic generational trauma as a mother and daughter because while a mother passes on "good values" to her children, she also passes on her traumas!

Ana and Janis - Parallel Mothers 

Contrary to the belief that motherhood cannot be a shared moment amongst women, Ana and Janis prove that two single mothers of different ages can share a child and the common joy and loss of motherhood! 

Mimi Rathod - Mimi and Dr. Vidya - Paa

Many people think that women can't singlehandedly handle motherhood, but Mimi and Dr. Vidya prove otherwise. They are two single mothers who might have had a child by accident or because of circumstances but chose to be the best mothers to that child! 

Mildred Pierce - Mildred Pierce

It is often believed that a woman alone cannot handle being a breadwinner and mother of two, and Mildred debunks the belief. When left alone to care for her children, she not only survives but finds her passion as well as handles a troubling child! 

Kusum Batra - Gulmohar and Pallavi Patel - Maja Maa 

Somehow a woman's desire isn't spoken of once she becomes a mother; it's almost as if we believe it doesn't exist. Kusum and Pallavi are two doting mothers built into the mold of mothers defined by society, who not only come out with their sexuality, but garner the courage to fight for it as well! 

Marion - Lady Bird 

Mothers are always said to be daydreamers for their children but not Marion. She is a mother who is built by her ground reality, so she tries to instill the same practical reality in her overtly ambitious daydreaming daughter!

Neelam Mehra in Dil Dhadakne Do and Geeta Saini in JugJugg Jeeyo

We often believe that once a woman becomes a mother, she hardly has a married life, but Neelam and Geeta are two mothers who, after being married for years, start to notice the troubles in their marriage and aren't afraid to ask for more from their husbands! 

To the mothers who were also independent, opinionated, flawed and who chose to be their own brand of mothers, we see you!

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