Romantic gestures from films that made us fall in love!

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Romantic gestures from films

Romantic gestures from films

When Jack died for Rose or Veer kept Zaara's payal for 22 years, they made our hearts full and we fell in love with these romantic gestures.

We have all loved and learned so much from the zillion rom-coms we have watched over the years. And no matter how filmy the situation feels, watching a great love story never disappoints you! Seeing a protagonist run towards the airport to stop the love of their life, confess their love in a whole speech, or the happily ever after, all of it makes up for romantic gestures that, even when we deny, we do wish to be brought to reality. Like, who wouldn't want an SRK sort of confession in DDLJ where he stands in the middle of sarson ke khet while that tune plays or dances without music in KKHH (SRK films could be a long list) or runs to confess like Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle? Say Anything's boombox or any Bollywood song-dance in the snow? We want it all! Unfortunately, for many reasons, all of this is not possible in real life, but fortunately, we still have our films to save us!

Whether in films or in reality, romantic gestures are not just about grand gestures of love but about the feelings behind them. After all, no one is asking someone to die for them as Jack did for Rose but to understand why he did what he did. It's about that moment when everything changed for the characters and for us! 

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We love these romantic gestures that we've spotted in these films!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and 10 Things I Hate About You

Public declaration of love is hard but not impossible to do in real life! And if it doesn't even come close to the level of Jai singing 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' for Aditi while the airport authorities have pegged him as a terrorist or Patrick singing 'I Love You Baby' on a mic with a school's march team for Kat, what's the point of doing any of it! 

Titanic and Lootera 

Yes, both heroes die making the ultimate sacrifice, but they die only to keep their partner's hope alive. Jack dies so in love with Rose that she gets to live her life full of those moments she spent on that ship with him. Similarly, Varun dies, keeping Pakhi's hope alive by attaching that last leaf to the tree, because of which she was breathing!

Wake Up Sid and Notting Hill

As far as confessions of love go, there are many that come to mind, but when Aisha writes that article where she fell in love with Mumbai because of Sid, or when Anna stands before William and tells him that she is just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her, it was confessions of love by women that were real, bold, and heartfelt! 

Veer Zaara and The Notebook 

Keeping alive the memory of someone you love, there would be no better people who set the precedence for that! Veer kept Zaara's payal and offered to put it on her foot when they met each other after 22 years, only to realize that she chose to wear a single payal on one foot all these years. As for Noah, he kept his promise to Allie alive and chose to build their future home in the hope that she would return, and she did! 

Aashiqui 2 and A Star is Born 

As far as dying for someone else's betterment goes, no one can beat Rahul and Jackson in it! Both of them chose death not just because they wanted to keep hope alive for their lovers but because they were the reason why their partners would have lost everything. So, whether the decision was right or a cowardly move, it was a sacrifice that could make anyone's heart bleed! 

La La Land and Barfi 

The way Sebastian and Mia nod at each other at the end of the film, understanding fully well why they chose to be apart from each other or the way Shruti, who is in love with Barfi, chooses to tell him about Jhilmil being there at the orphanage and helps them finally get together, shows that love transcends the bounds of spelling it out loud with words!

When Harry Met Sally and Jab We Met 

When you realise that you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible! And that is exactly why Harry searches for the end of the earth on New Year's to confess this to Sally. As for Geet, whose fear of not wanting to leave any more trains makes her decide not to waste another minute more with Anushman and she runs towards Aditya. 

Call Me By Your Name and Ram Leela 

To sacrifice everything for your love takes guts, but sacrificing each other in love transcends it beyond two people. When Oliver and Elio call each other by their names, their love becomes more than their sacrifice; it becomes a source of comfort in ache. Similarly, when Ram and Leela choose to take each other's lives for the sake of everyone else, it becomes a symbol of hope, the blooming of a rose in the desert!

What are your favorite romantic gestures or moments that have made you fall in love with romance, not just the film? Tell us in the comments below! 

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