#KetchupNow: Dunki Teaser 1 drops on SRK's birthday and it as intriguing as it is exciting!

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Dunki Teaser

Dunki Teaser

Shah Rukh Khan and Raju Hirani's Dunki Teaser is more of an interesting introduction to the massive landscape of the world that they have built up in the film! 

Bandra yesterday at midnight witnessed a spectacle with tons of people rushing towards Mannat just to get a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan! And while he came out and waved, the biggest gift that he gave to his fans on his birthday was the Dunki Teaser. From the teaser, it looks like it is the first installment of a string of teasers as it is named 'Drop 1'. This is the third film of SRK to come out in 2023 which pretty much belongs to him in every way. 

The teaser opens up with a desert, a few people walking, a gun pointed at them, and a soulful rendition by Pritiam sung by Sonu Nigam narrating the idea that this film is going to be dealing with illegal immigration, which is what in Punjab is called Dunki. With a sudden shift in genre, from thriller to comedy, the teaser then moves on to introduce us to its characters and their world. It is set up in Punjab where the idea of moving away from home to a foreign land is quite a common thing as every other house has a kid that wants to leave home for their future. It also seems to delve deep into the word Birha which means parting or separating away, in this case, people separated from their home and their country, and how it calls back to them. 

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With the surprise entry of Vicky Kaushal also in the film, Dunki is said to be the journey of a soldier. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani it also stars Taapsee Pannu which is hinted to be SRK's love interest. It definitely looks like AI and de-aging technique has been used to create the look of SRK which doesn't look bad but sure reminds the look of Zero. While the teaser drop 2 comes out soon with more info, the film is set to release on December 22, 2023! 

Here are some of the reactions that we ended up noticing on Twitter in relation to the teaser! 

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